My sculptures are abstract objects existing outside the restrictions of subject matter. They reference nothing in the world except themselves and art.
  • They are informed by and in a continuum with all human art making.

  • They are infused with the energy, commitment and passion that I bring to their making.

    They are intuitive and considered; improvised and formal; spontaneous and reasoned.

  • Their scale, form, complexity, surface and texture have a powerful and immediate presence and visual impact that rewards extended careful consideration.

  • They are particularly tactile, wanting to be touched and caressed as a means of interaction beyond the visual.

  • They are made of clay in a complex process of solitary creation, and then transformed by fire and given a unique complex surface in a joyous four day continuous collaborative firing in a wood burning kiln.

  • They are a celebration of the best aspects of humanity; creativity, intellect and the search for beauty and meaning.



My sculptures are about
  • The inescapable physical reality of the world

  • The encounter of the viewer with the objects and the space in which they are located

  • The mind that created the forms and the hands that gave them life

  • The primal nature of the material and the transformational process of its realization

  • The complexity and randomness of the surfaces